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We deliver to Uzbekistan from all over the world

We deliver
medical preparations
medical equipment
agricultural machinery
sports equipment
raw materials
building materials
to Uzbekistan from all over the world

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Delivery of all types of cargo:

  • dangerous goods ADR
  • cargo requiring temperature control
  • bulk and liquid cargoes

Free, professional advice on the whole range of issues related to the transportation of goods

Transportation of groupage solid and oversized cargo

We provide assistance in the preparation of accompanying documents

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Rate calculation and selection of the optimal route

Collection of cargo and approval of shipping documents

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About company

Our freight forwarding company provides services for the delivery of goods to Uzbekistan from more than 50 countries. We work with various modes of transport, including road, air and rail. We specialize in groupage shipments from Europe and the CIS, which means that we can combine several shipments in one shipment in order to reduce the cost of transportation for our customers. We also offer customs clearance and storage services.

We guarantee complete confidentiality and security of cargo, as well as provide services for cargo insurance and responsibility for their safety. Our company is ready to offer an individual approach to each client, taking into account his needs and requirements. We strive for long-term relationships with our customers and are ready to provide them with high-quality service at reasonable prices.

Choosing our freight forwarding company, you get a reliable partner.


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years of experience in cargo transportation

We know how to bring your cargo as quickly and without problems as possible. We can pay for your cargo and deliver it to its destination.


offices in Uzbekistan and Europe

We work without intermediaries and provide additional services. We have one of the best warehouses in Europe for temporary storage of your cargo)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate freight cost?

Our manager will calculate the cost of cargo delivery after receiving all the necessary information on the cargo from you. The cost depends on the following parameters: pickup and delivery address; whether it will be a full load or partial; cargo weight; the number of pallets and their dimensions; nature of the cargo (dangerous or not dangerous); description of the cargo and its value; other.

What is the delivery time?

Delivery time depends on the transportation route, mode of transportation and whether it will be full load or partial load: Europe - Uzbekistan 20-25 days; Russia - Uzbekistan 10-14 days; China - Uzbekistan 25-30 days.

Is it possible to order transportation of several cargoes at once?

Of course it is. If you provide all the necessary information about the cargo, our manager will calculate the cost of transporting each cargo.

What is cargo consolidation?

Cargo consolidation is the assembly of several shipments from different customers to be delivered via a similar route.

How to track the cargo?

Enter the serial number of your cargo in the "Cargo Tracking" section of the main menu of our website.

Cargo tracking

Location of your cargo

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